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About Us


     Our company became a part of the Construction Industry in 1983 due to the growing demand in the region.

     Knowing its responsibilities, our company is proud of enjoying a lot of success by having achieved its defined targets since its foundation.

     We are also proud of being a reputable company in our region with the principle of customer satisfaction in the first place and by using high quality materials, thus sustaining our secure and consistent position in the market.

    In the rapidly growing Construction Industry, our company has become a crucial one in supplying materials by choosing the right material for the customers and delivering the orders in short periods of time. Besides, our company has succeeded in making dealership agreements with exclusive brands, and thus providing high quality products for its customers with high quality service.

Gradually multiplying our success, we are proud to construct excellent houses that integrate quality into social life while continuing our business operations in material supply.

The main aim of our company is:

To construct modern and safe living centres without sacrificing the quality of the materials used,

To follow and apply technological developments,

To contribute to the rise of living and social standards,

To give importance to humans, nature and high living standards,

To be successful in the Construction Industry by attaining the world standards.

We also aim:

To have social responsibility,

To sustain customer satisfaction,

To work with professional teams,

To provide support for education of our team,

To provide solution partnership in the right field at the right time,

To respect every single right of our customers,

To meet our customers’ expectations for the projects using high quality techniques in the world standards,

To design distinctive projects,

To produce and carry out safe, economical and aesthetic projects.

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